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Dragon Character Sheet

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1Dragon Character Sheet Empty Dragon Character Sheet on Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:52 am


Here you can make your Dragon Character sheets for the an Chatbox RP.




Appearance: (either post an picture or discribe what they looked like. If you going to post an picture then give credit to the artist who made it)

Elements: (No more than eight elements on an character and it must be of the following: Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth/Nature (I just call it Nature out of habit but its one of the same thing), Water, Electricity, Light, Darkness, and Convexity)

Backstory: (This is optional you do not have to put one if you don't want to)

Other: (If your character has an special power or have something that they usually wear or anything please put it down. Again this is optional as well.)

Here is my first Dragon Character sheet that I'm going to post up here

Name: Sky

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dragon Character Sheet Lol_wh10 (the Image was made by MaggienToby on DA)

Elements: Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Water, Electricity, Light, and Darkness

Backstory: Sky the Primal Dragon is kind and caring person. But he has an short temper at times. He grew up surrounded by creatures known as Elementals. From them he learn new ways to control the elemental energy around him. When he was eight he venture away from his home to find his real parent who lost him when he was an hatchling. He was born to fly as well. Because of his wings are bird like he can fly higher and faster than most dragons.

Other: He hates being called Bird Boy

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2Dragon Character Sheet Empty Re: Dragon Character Sheet on Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:01 am


Name: Nero

Age: Depends on RP (Goes up to 21)


Dragon Character Sheet The_spirit_element___nero_by_maggientoby-d6mzexy
(Drawn by me. Ew old ugly art ew)

Elements: Electricity, Ice

Backstory: WIP

-Very skilled with flying
-Thorn-like claws
-Claws on her wings

3Dragon Character Sheet Empty Re: Dragon Character Sheet on Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:59 pm

Praise the sun! For Samzur the Valorious has cleared his busy mess of a lie we call life!
Yeah just finished moving in another city so i should start being around again (yaay)

Name: Red

Age: Around 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: Crimson red scales with dull grey horns. Left horn is chipped off. Has no wings.

Elements: Cannot use magic except via artifacts. So yeah, none.

Backstory: Red is a sole survivor of a small scientific experiment thas has been destroyed. The experiment was led by demon named Mithilitherya (or Mit for short). The experiment was about crossbreeding the traits of other dragon species into one ultimate dragon with control over everything. The project failed as Red being the only one surviving and having no control over any kind of magic. In fact, his body has strong counter-effect for any kind of direct contact with any magic. But after the experiment, Red discovered that even though he has no control over magic, he had a suprisingly durable, enduring and strong body and he has been training his body to resist magic and his agility, strenght and endurace has not been surpassed by anyone. After Twelve years of ruthless training and two years of killing the scientists and demons responsible for the experiment, Red has a habit of drinking himself to the brink of death and hitting on ladies. He still trains with his resistance to magic to be able to wield two legendary gauntlets that he owns.

Other: He does not suffer from any kind of cancer or organ failure, even though he has drank more than an average dragon, more than the amount where an average dragon dies. Example being that he has killed few in a drinking contest with excess drinking and others following, resulting in a multiple liver failures and a puke wave.

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