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Starfire Dragon

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1Starfire Dragon Empty Starfire Dragon on Wed Jul 09, 2014 7:15 pm


It was over twenty years ago on that dark and horrid night known as the Night of Darkness. A dark shadow had fallen upon the world, sweeping across it and destroying every egg before disappearing as if it never was. Many blamed the dark shadow dragons, some even blamed the wyverns of the desserts, but they too lost their unhatched to the evil that plagued the world. No one knew why it came or who sent it, all they knew is it had killed their unhatched young. Still to this day; over twenty years later no one knows anything about it, they only pray to the ancestors that it may never happen again.

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2Starfire Dragon Empty Re: Starfire Dragon on Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:24 pm

Chapter 1: The Nightmare

  “HELP!” the cry had broken peaceful silence of the evening, all eyes turned towards the direction it came from. A small black dragon figure came running over the hillside with two larger white figures chasing it. It was a young male shadow dragon being chased by the guards that had failed to stop him at the gate. He came rushing down towards the circle of dragons that were sitting outside the shrine. Jumping over one of them he barely managed to stop himself in the center of them, the dirt and dust seemed to bellow around him as he stood there panting, trying to catch his breath. “PLEASE HELP!” he cried out once more, all eyes were upon him and the elder that laid before him.

 The elder sat up, his beard nearly touching the ground, he had an angry look upon his face and began to speak in a loud strong stern voice. “HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT THIS CIRCLE!” nearly shouting it, “You are forbidden to even be here!”. “I command you to…” before the old dragon could finish his sentence he was drowned out by another shout “THAT'S ENOUGH!”. He turned to see one of the members of the circle had gotten up and was walking towards them, it was the only female in the group. She was white with a blue tint as if she had a flame blue aura, she was sleek and thin with very fine muscle tone. She wore a solid gold chestplate like necklace that moved as if it was a part of her very skin, placed on her head was a beautifully engraved circlet and a matching bracelet on her front right leg. “That will be enough of that.” she scolded at him, “Can't you see this child is asking for help?” she stood there looking at the surprised elder as if waiting for a reply. It took a moment, but he finally got up the nerve to speak. “Your Majesty, Please!”, but she had already turned back to the little black dragon that now stood there quietly with dreadful fear in his eyes. She calmly asked him “Now young one, what is wrong?” a bit of relief came to his expression and once again all eyes were upon him.

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