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Flame's Adventures

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Chapter 1: Mysterious Encounter

The darkness of the night looms over a little clearing in the forest. Where a small patch of light is untouched by the shadows, a Charmander sits by a campfire. The glow of the flames flicker as his icy blue eyes drifts ever downward as he is falling fast asleep. Suddenly his eyes shot open as the ground started shaking violently. A sound of some kind of explosion echoes loudly through the night. The Charmander stood up to see smoke rising above the tree line. He grabs hold of his Def. Scarf and tied it around his neck as he ran to see what cause the explosion.


The forest was dark, tiny fires were the only light in the crater. A small pink pokemon was laid out at the bottom. Her broken body was cover in wounds. Her dark blue eyes slowly close. Her mind was fading into black.

The Charmander came to the crash site and sees the three feet crater in the ground. “What happen here?” he said aloud. He climbs down into the crater to see the little pokemon. Her body was badly burn.

“Whoa! Miss are you alright?!” He said as he rushes to her. Only to realize it wasn’t just any old pokemon. It was a Legendary, she was a Mew. The Charmander was in awe, he never seen a legendary pokemon before. It took him a few seconds before he snap back into reality. He pick her up, he had to carry her back to his camp so he can treat her wounds. “Hey just hold on,” he said calmly to her unconscious body, “I’m going to help” he continued in hopes that perhaps she could hear him in her slumber.

Later, after what it seems like days have pass. The Mew starts to stir, the Charmander watches her, his eyes stuck to her like glue. Her pink body was now covered in bandages. She lay next to the campfire in his sleeping bag. “Wh-where am I?” she manage to say.

“You’re at my camp. I found you after you came out of the sky. I’m Flame the Charmander. Do you know who you are? Do you remember what happen?” the Charmander questions. For a second she didn’t answer him. But then slowly she said, “I’m….I think my name is Rosa…,” She said but suddenly she just broke down crying, “I don’t remember anything” she cried through her tears.

Flame was generally shocked by the sudden breakdown, “Whoa, Whoa calm down miss. It’s alright,” He said trying to comfort her, “You said that your name is Rosa right” He asked.

She nods her head, “Yes” she whimpers.

“Ok…What is the last thing you do remember?” Flame asked.

She looks at Flame and said, “Something is very bad is coming….I mean really, really bad” she said. Before Flame could ask her what she means there was another explosion. Like that everything went from peaceful into chaos.

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